These fantasy maps of the known poetic and musical universe are part of a series created by Brendan Lorber. Each is hand drawn and then letterpressed in a small edition on archival paper, never to be reprinted. They invite you to get lost within their wild topographies, each named for a trailblazing writer or musician, and to discover yourself in new worlds perhaps better than this one. The geographic portrayal of the realms would be impossible without visual worldbuilding practices made available through Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings, Gygax’s Dungeons & Dragons, and Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth. But they owe an equal debt to the earthbound  cartographers of the Age of Exploration. Master mapmakers like Al Idrisi, Fra Mauro, and Gerardus Mercator. Now that our usual habits, motives, and methods for movement and action have been so disrupted, these maps offer new techniques for travel and adventure.

Contact Brendan Lorber for information on how to obtain signed and numbered prints of the maps or to commission one of your own, through the contact form at brendanlorber.com or dm through instagram @brendanlorber

Brendan Lorber is a visual artist and writer. He lives in a tiny castle across from the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.






David Bowie
Gwendolyn Brooks
John Ashbery
Emily Dickinson
Frank O'Hara
Edgar Allan Poe
Gertrude Stein